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Fast, Simple, Safe.

Quick solutions that are easy to use and still provide safe protection. This is what matters in the field of emergency forces. That’s were the RESCO Protect/C shows its special perfomance.

  • Enormous protection performance
  • Always ready
  • Easy and fast assembly / disassembly
  • Reusable and inexpensive

Easy to store, easy to transport and always ready to use. Without time-consuming preliminary work for a foundation, without excavator, without specialist staff. Built with simple instructions. After use, the blocks are dismantled and are immediately ready for the next use.

Thanks to the special development of the RESCO Protect/C, the RESCO Protection block achieves an enormous protection performance, even under fire. The results of the respective shooting tests regularly impressed all soldiers involved. We will be pleased to provide you with details in a personal meeting.