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Safety in road construction should not be ignored!

Often the safety of road construction workers, or generally construction workers, is taken to the loose shoulder. With our RESCO Protect/F, we want to create a safety barrier between the worker and an imminent danger. Our block does not only protect against splinters or sparks, but also against the flowing traffic. It creates a protective wall between the workers and menacing, approaching vehicles. Stable road blocks or diversions can also be built quickly with the RESCO Protect/F.

In return, the protective wall made of RESCO Protect/F blocks also protects passing vehicles or pedestrians. No matter whether rubble, sparks, splinters, impurities – roads and sidewalks are kept clean and people are protected.

Also excavation pits, ditches and the like can be well secured with our block against water.

The RESCO Protect/F block does not need any special storage, it can be brought to the construction site before the start of construction and can be used at any time. The protective walls can be adapted to the situation or be repositioned. The 18-kilos-blocks can be carried and installed by an individual, without any binder or technical equipment.