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Fire brigades benefit in many ways from the many possible applications of the RESCO Protect/F system blocks.

Since no specialist knowledge is necessary for the use of the RESCO Protect/F, laypersons can work with our stone independently and without training. The blocks can be carried by one person and can be installed without any binders.

The RESCO Protect/F system blocks are reusable and can be stored both inside and outside.



The RESCO Protect/F  (“F” stands for flood) system block has been developed in principle as a flood protection block, only through the further developments other possibilities have showed up.

With our block, buildings, underground garages, entrances, etc. can quickly be protected from the threatening water masses. It is enough if the protective wall is raised at the beginning of the rain. The needed amount of personnel is very low, since a protective wall can also be constructed by one single person.

The RESCO Protect/F system block is superior to sandbags on many levels. Our block can be used directly without prior (time consuming) filling. Also a stable wall is formed, while sandbags from 50cm height often have the problem of buoyancy. After use, the RESCO Protect/F can be re-stored directly, or after a necessary cleaning with water, while sandbags must be disposed. While sandbags have to be stored in a light and weather-resistant manner and only have a limited life, the RESCO Protect/F can be stored inside and outside for many years. The RESCO System block offers not only a great variety of different applications, but also special advantages.

You can find more information about flood protection here.


Road blocks

After an accident, the accident site can be secured directly with RESCO Protect/F. A protective wall can be erected, expanded or reduced at any time. Not only the accident victims are protected from further traffic, but also the emergency forces.

At the same time, the wall also protects the flowing traffic, since no further wreckage can reach the roadway.



Due to the variable application possibilities of the RESCO Protect/F, it is also perfect for trainings of the fire brigade. Whether as an obstacle, protective wall, water basin, protection from sparks, splinters or fire, as an exercise for fast flood protection … the application possibilities are almost unlimited, it depends only on your imagination.


… and many other applications!