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Military Use

Soldiers must also be protected outside of the barracks.

What sets the RESCO Protect/C apart?

  • Bullet resistance
  • Modular design

RESCO Protect/C is ideal for the construction of different facilities for the protection of troops.

  1. Observation Points
  2. Check-Points
  3. Fixed accomodations

From small command posts, to check points and camp walls, soldiers can be protected very well. It should be emphasized that with the RESCO Protection Blocks, positions can be set up and established even during the ongoing battle.

  • Easy and fast a-/dissamble
  • Simple handling – without previous knowledge
  • Without grounding
  • Reusable
  • Without binding material (concrete,…)

Even military equipment can be quickly and easily protected from damage by our Protection Block . Everything without foundation, without damage to the environment and used without specialist knowledge.

Our RESCO Protection Block can be stored outside as well as inside, does not require any binders or equipment during assembly and is reusable.